Luxury Vinyl Collections


Totally innovative.  Totally glueless.  FreeFit Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank has a patented designed backing that creates an anti-skid surface between the substrate and the FreeFit LVT.  With a 15 year commercial warranty, 4 sides micro bevel and stocked in over 50 skus, FreeFit LVT is the go to product for commercial glue down and glueless applications. Alloray has been supplying FreeFit LVT to the commercial and residential flooring industry since 2011. 



GTX glue down luxury vinyl plank combines durability and easy of installation with value and industry leading design.  GTX is SGS certified and anti-bacterial by design.  GTX installs on a variety of substrates and is warm, soft and quite underfoot.



Designed in the Netherlands, Alloray is very proud to bring mFLOR LVT to Canada.  The mFLOR factory has achieved ISO-14001 certification, which means that production has a neutral effect on the local environment. mFLOR products have been developed with a view to achieving maximum resistance to wear and minimum weight, with the object of minimising the energy costs involved in their transportation. The high quality of mFLOR products makes them highly durable. The physical characteristics of mFLOR products mean that the floors are easy to clean with a limited amount of water and without using any harmful chemicals.